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Wildlife and wilderness are among the essential that provide things that provide both foreign and domestic income to many countries all over the world. The makes nature look beautiful and attractive to many tourists especially during the summer times. A Large part of the world is covered by the forest, with a bigger percentage being the primary forest which provides habitat for a big number of plants, mammal, birds, reptiles and all the other type of existing wildlife. Click here to get started.


Wildlife trafficking has become a major issue that continues to get deeper roots all over the is everybody's duty to protect and conserve our wilderness and the wildlife because we are the beneficiaries of their existence. The transporting and trading of wild animals and their precious body parts such as ivory and tusks is an international crime trade that is well paying to the hunters up to around thirty billion dollars per year. The trade is growing at a high rate; this increases the demand for the animals' products leaving many species such as tigers, rhinoceros and at great danger. The illegal business has made the poachers and hunters wealthy, while the local communities where the wildlife exist is greatly affected. They trade not only animal products but also a wild plant that is essential especially the well-recognized in the field of herbal medication.


The existence of wilderness and wildlife is a good and precious gift that promote tourism and therefore creating job opportunities and wealth to the youths of the native country. The industry has made many countries in the economically stable for example Kenya, Canada, Zimbabwe and Tanzania among many the poachers continues to kill the wildlife, their numbers become small and as a result the wildlife animals less likely to be spotted in various tourist attraction sites such as game parks and wildlife reserves. The depletion will automatically damage the tourism industry leaving many people unemployed and also lowering the native countries revenue. The most targets animals by are the ones referred to as the big five, and on the other side, they are the most popular in a tourist attraction. 


The wildlife trafficking widespread has been as a result of corruption and poverty among the natives. Hence, many people see poaching as the only way to get rich easily as for instance with ivory extracted from the elephant's tusks has a greater price per weight than gold. Let us all join hands to protect wilderness and wildlife to save even our coming generation from globalization.