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Wildlife protection is slowly becoming a major issue these days, and quite unfortunately, the reason why more and more people are turning their attention towards it is because there's an alarming number of flora and fauna getting wiped out of the face of the earth. The combination of the boom of the world population and industrialization is the biggest culprit, as the earth struggles to provide resources to a populace that is hell bent on destroying it. 


Without some serious commitment from all governments and nations, there never will be a chance to preserve and protect what's left of the earth's wildlife. While it's good to hear that some organization, most of which are non-profit, are doing their part in campaigning for the preservation of the environment, it is quite sad to say that not everyone seems to be totally committed or even aware of the desperate need to make a move. 


Anyway, here are some important facts you probably aren't aware about wildlife protection Canada.


1 - Due to urban sprawling and habitat fragmentation, a huge number of animals thriving in the world are being displaced because as history tells us, there never will be a mutual and ideal cohabitation between wildlife and humans. 


2 - Millions of animals are slaughtered every year for the simple reason that a huge chunk of the human population are completely unaware of the role these animals play on earth. All they see is that regardless of how critically endangered some of them are, they still are meant to be killed for likely stupid reasons. 


3 - For those who exploit wildlife for purposes like trophy hunting, food, sport, and recreation, there's no such thing as preserving the population of the animals. All they care about is either fun or money. Fun because they seem to feel that hunting down animals to kill them is an adventure in itself. Money as a reason meanwhile is a great motivation because wild animals, especially those exotic or rare ones can fetch a lot of money in the black market trade as well as the entertainment industry.


4 - While the U.S. is one of the biggest active players in the campaign to protect what's left of earth's wildlife, Americans are ironically one of the biggest culprits when it comes to killing animals. As a matter of fact, bears, wolves, coyotes, foxes, and even bobcats are killed every year for recreation and hunting purposes. 


The level of understanding about wildlife and Mountain Wilderness Canada protection these days is quite low, but there's hope if governments are willing to initiate campaigns and programs to change how their respective constituents view the preservation of the environment in its entirety.